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Welcome! My name’s Sophie. It will be my pleasure to escort you through the 100 years of V-ZUG history.
Doing the washing by hand is pretty strenuous and time-consuming. From 1920 the first hand-cranked washing machine makes things much easier.
With the «Unica» washing machine, the classic V-ZUG laundry room – comprising (pre-)washing machine, laundry stove, spin dryer and sink – is now complete. Everything in one place, that’s perfect!
During the Second World War, Swiss companies are required to grow crops. Together with other companies from Zug, V-ZUG helps cultivate a large potato field on Zugerberg mountain.
At last we’re able to wash with electricity! That saves time and energy, which I can now use for other things.
The «Tempo» is Switzerland’s first small washing machine for private households.
The Unimatic is the first fully automatic washing machine for communal laundry rooms in apartment buildings. If ever anything in our laundry room doesn’t work, the friendly service technician comes to my aid.
The Adora washing machine has now been joined by the Adora tumble dryer and the Adora dishwasher. I really love the Adora-Calandra ironing machine. Ironing never was one of my strong points.
As a modern woman, I benefit from V-ZUG’s full range when doing both the laundry and the cooking. Now I have more time for myself and my children.
At the recently opened home economics centre, ZUGORAMA, I can see all the fabulous cooking and baking appliances that V-ZUG makes and get some personal advice.
In terms of environmental protection, V-ZUG AG follows up its words with actions. My Adora washing machine is the first Swiss appliance to meet the EN standard for best energy efficiency, best washing performance and best spin-drying performance.

World exclusives

V-ZUG solves genuine problems with a whole range of world exclusives. I am really delighted with the anti-mite programme. Simply a good invention!

World exclusives

With V-ZUG appliances the household chores pretty much take care of themselves. My husband and I are kept very busy by our jobs. And yet we cook like pros, and the ironing of my husband’s shirts is taken care of by our Adora SLQ.
I enjoy cooking delicious dishes. Not just when I have guests. If I ever run out of ideas, I can seek inspiration from star chefs on the V-ZUG website.









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In Switzerland V-ZUG is the Number One. I am in no doubt that V-ZUG will write no less of a success story all around the world.